Life And Death Thru A Animals Eyes

We people fear predators, particularly big cats such as the lion, cheetah, and leopard.
 We are often taught to fear carnivores without  being sympathetic to their unique behaviors, 
and special  adaptations, and crucial roles in the maintenance of healthy ecosystems.

Our attitude and misreading about these species have lead to their endangerment because a lot of peoples agreement with their fear by eliminates predators.

Endangered species exist in low-population numbers and need intensive long-term management in order to continue to exist
. Attitudes toward predators must be changed if we hope to save endanger species such  as the cheetah.
 By learning the reasons why species are endangered, we can all learn how healthy ecosystem is crucial and what will occur if we continue to pollute the
environment and demolish habitats.
 Through ecological education, we can all work together to change the attitude and behaviors that have led to the endangerment of predator species and help save them from destruction ,
Individuals can make a difference!

IN THEIR NATURAL HABITAT Welcome to the wildside

Lions @ kill  

Cheetah's @ a kill

Cheetah family

Cheetah take-a-way

 Cheetahs @ lunch

Cheetahs eating

Lion @ restLion cub

 Lion cub (a) 

Lion cubs

 Lioness with cub

Lioness & cub

Cheetah on walkabout

 Cheetah stretching

Lioness feeding

 Lioness having a yawn

 Lioness washing

 Lionesses @ a kill

 Cheetah on the Mara

Lionesses watching 


 Lion in shade


 Leopard eyes

 Leopard on road

 Lion portraitLioness & cub

 Leopard portrait

Leopard hunting

Leopard in shade

 Cheetah Trio

Lioness eating

 Lion on a mission

 Lion Cub

 Lioness with cubs

 Pair of Lionesses

 Lion Cubs

 Resting Cheetah

Sitting Cheetah

Leopard watching game

Sleeping Leopard

Yawning Lion