Life And Death Thru A Animals Eyes

We are huge advocates of   pet adoption. We adopted our beloved  pets  of many  kinds , from  rescue agencies  and  centers and  rescued from animal  mills and  we  have never been happier!  They  become a part of the family in every sense. Here are the tops reasons ..

1) Adopted pets "Some " are mostly mixed breeds or as some call  them  "mutts " .Well they have  GREAT personalities and tend to have much less health problems than purebreds. You will also most likely have a pet that looks different from any other pet. One of  our dogs is black and very dainty but is obviously mixed with a lot of different breeds. People are constantly asking us what kinds of breeds  our  pets are so  that they can buy the same type of pet!! 

2) When you adopt a pet you are helping to save pets  in need of homes and aren't contributing to "backyard breeders" and animal mills. You are doing yourself and the pet a great service!

3) Adopted pets are must less expensive up front than pets from breeders. You normally just pay an adoption fee from $100-$300 where a breeder fee can be upwards of $1000!
A lot of times there are  pure  breeds in your  local shelters!!

4) You can often times get a pet that is a little bit older and that is house  trained.  It was so nice to not have to worry about house training in some cases. Most are also still young enough so that  they can be completely obedience trained.

5) If you decide to adopt an older pet that pet will probably have already been neutered by the previous owner or by the rescue agency. Older pets make great companions and are often already trained. If they aren't, a lot of rescue agencies offer discounts on training classes.

6) You are saving a life!  Sadly, many rescues and  shelters over run with homeless dogs (and cats!) that need good homes. 

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