Life And Death Thru A Animals Eyes
The eyes  tell all 
  The  purpose of this web site is for  several  reasons, To  educate you of the importance of  spay and  neuter.
All over the country the animal shelters are euthanasing thousands of healthy dogs  cats full of  life and love.
Ask yourself why this is happening, the answer is simple, because you or someone like you , did not spay or  neuter your pet.
Yes the blame lies on "you" and I will and do  point fingers.
I will be the  voice for  the thousands that spend the last few  moments of their  life in fear  and  misery .
Take a moment to see their  last  minutes through their  eyes.
They see someone coming at them with a needle .
What have they done to  deserve the  " blue cocktail' ?
They have shown you unconditional  love, steadfast affection.
So in return of their love , you  choose to be  irresponsible and add to the  over  population of  unwanted pets.
Because of 'YOU' the  country has  thousands of dogs and cats  running the   streets.
Thousands of them are starving to death because of  " YOU" .
You the human who they have  trusted with their lives.
 I have heard every excuse possible, from my vet said  my dog should have 1  litter of   puppies  to ,my cat only  got out for a few minutes.
Those  excuses are  unacceptable and  irresponsible.
By now your are probably telling yourself, this person is nuts.
No! I am not  nuts.
I just do not  have any respect or  compassion for the irresponsible pet owners in  today's  society.
 Its  rather simple  facts , If you can not or will not accept a  animals  health care and food or  populations  control ?Please do not get a  pet! 
They love  us unconditionally, please  do the same for them.. I have been and will continue to be their 'voice'.